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Ballad of a Traveler

2008-07-16 18:56:00

Ballad of a Traveler
This is funny, a good laugh video, a reader posted a comment on this link about my new SOTP - Standard Operating Travel Procedure of spraying down room with insect spray before entering.
Insects in Hotel Room

"This actually reminds me of a video for Hampton Inn that features a hotel guest dramatically rhyming about his worst travel experiences in hotels ... he covers roaches, rodents, stained sheets, and bad service. I thought I would share the laugh with you - Let me know what you think!"
Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Thursday, July 17, 2008
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A good laugh and a good well orchestrated advertisement by Hampton Inns, very well done.

I am always impressed by creativity of this sort, what do I think, even if I am not living in Hampton Inn this is good work, a creative idea.

The link.

Ballad of a Traveler