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Bag Manufacturers

2008-07-31 19:05:00

Bag Manufacturers
I have been nosing around the Bag Manufacturing industry for a few years now, trying to understand how to make a backpack. I have discovered and realized in the underdeveloped countries, bag manufactures are a dime a dozen, but closer to a dime per 1000.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, July 31, 2008
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In the under-developed countries, there are many locally owned bag companies that makes School Bags out of fabrics that can be sown. The school bag is the staple product of these busineess, simple bags, easy to make, and easy to sell.

What these bag companies do is copy another school bag using some easy to find local materials or fabrics. Easy to find materials is the defining aspect of these companies.

Taking a shower today, I had what them light bulbs above my head, I realized I have been trying to get school bag factories to make one of the worlds most complicated and well thought out backpacks on the planet.

This is like asking a computer shop to start manufacturing compters, they could assemble a computer, but they could never make the whole computer.

Alternatively, it is like having a Home Builder go and build a 100 Story High Rise Building, as the complications increase fewer companies are capable of doing the job.

When I explain my backpack to companies, I continually learn they are not capable of doing this bag.

I have never met a company capable of doing this Windmill Backpack, however even company I have met is capable of doing one component of the pack.

If I take a different path, divide the bag into about 10-20 separate componets, I could easily get price quotations from these companies to sub-contract parts of components of the bag.

I would be the research and development arm, I would make all the samples myself, then sub-contract with other companies to make the parts. I could then ship all the component pieces to somewhere like Guatemala where I could have the bags assembled.

Bag Manufacturers