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Andy of for President

2008-07-22 19:23:00

Andy of for President
I just received an email, very strange, it appears there is a grass roots campaign to make me President, I am really glad they do not have my Photo. I do feel I could do about the same as Obama, I am naïve enough. Ok, get it out in the open quick, I have 4 DWI that is a felony, I am a felon, so get the trash on the table quick.

Click here to see this, a Hobo for President

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
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This is a joke, a spoof, a thing for fun and for sure, I hope this company makes tons of money with this truly great Viral Marketing project. Good fun, please go to the video, it is too much fun.

Viral Marketing is the benchmark phenomon of the Internet, it is the grease that makes the wheels turn, it is the internet in action.

Andy of for President