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Airplane E-Tickets Need a Printer

2008-07-09 23:29:00

Airline E-Tickets Need a Printer
The e-tickets are not paperless, 100 percent you need to print, I mean, whatever they say to print, you need this paper copy until the world understand this is not the goal… hehehe

You can have a printer with you and not carrry printer, a PDF printer,

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, July 10, 2008
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I was just in a strange situation; I want to go to United States Embassy in Bangkok. Therefore, I go to the webpage to check when they are open, these Embassies are worst than bankers, any reason under the sun and they close, open late, take two hours for lunch, leave early and celebrate every holiday on planet earth.

I check the site; it wants me to get an online appointment, whereby I have an appointment to stand in line. I think, Ok, so do it, at the end it says to print this page and bring with me.

No email was sent, so what do I do, carry my computer to an internet café, try to connect, this is not going to work.

I can:
1. Save As to the computer, put on Flash drive and take to internet café.

2. Cancel the appointment, it has a spot, then go to the internet café to do this, where we have a 50/50 chance they have a printer.

3. Print a nice PDF file of the page, this PDF printer acts just like a printer, you choose it and it prints to a file, you say where to save, hope you are up to speed on this, and you have print ready file.

I think sent attached this PDF file to an email, mailed it to myself on, and I will go to the Internet Café later to print it.

I normally have my compute with me in an Airport; I could if needed, or I forgot, open up the compute and show them, I have done this, before I realized the e-ticket sometimes requires paper.

I use this PDF printer.

I had the Adobe one, and it some reason just does not work, so I am using this one now.

Note, sending a PDF file to executive in suits impresses them, about the same as the PowerPoint thingy, they like these toys.

Note, Save As works good, but you sometimes get a dialog box that says it cannot be saved, you have to always check these PDF and Saved As files, or sometimes they just do not work right, check and double check.

I think this printing maybe the new job for Travel Agents.

Airplane E-Tickets Need a Printer