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You Have to Be Stupid Expats Apartments

2008-06-01 17:08:00

You Have to Be Stupid Expats Apartments
I cringe when someone ask how much an apartment cost in any city on the planet. I know I can normally find an excellent apartment in the normal 80 percent of the planet outside the USA or Europe for between 50-250 U.S. per month.

However, you got to be stupid is King, therefore the other 90 percent of people are going to pay “You got to be stupid prices.”

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Sunday, June 1, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

The way a person is stupid is because they rush, my guesstimate the average person who talks to people, inquires, is not a snob, actualy has friends, will and can reduce the cost of an apartment by close to 10 percent per week they live in a city, a person can continually find cheaper places to live for about the first three months, and if slow, and you got to be stupid it will take a year. There just is no reason to rush to be stupid.

There are a surplus of the “you got to be stupid people.”

Gary, used the phrase with me, not in the way I used…

You Have to Be Stupid Expats Apartments