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Woke up on Lima Airport Floor

2008-06-11 13:30:00

Woke up on Lima Airport Floor
When you wake up and find your sleep on a cold tile floor in Lima, Peru, for me, I need a shot, I thought of Johnny Cash.

“Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds
I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down
I went right home and I went to bed
I stuck that lovin' .44 beneath my head"

Lima, Peru Airport Floor
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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I need a shot of coffee.
I need a short of sugar
I need a rush.

How to jolt my system, give my self a jerk from low gear, let off the clutch and surge into the day.

I gave up the coffee, I gave up the sugar, I gave up some of my best friends, my best addictions, and I have stripped my world of every artificially produced endorphin rush…

Time to up the ante, increase the intake of real life.

Woke up on Lima Airport Floor

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