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Will People Miss Their Planes

2008-06-21 13:21:00

Will People Miss Their Planes?
I just returned from the Internet Café where I printed out my E-Ticket information.

I was walking back, thinking to myself, these E-tickets can be problem, I NEED to, and I MUST print them out.

Lima Peru, South America
Saturday, June 21, 2008
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There are many airports on the planet where only people with Tickets can enter certain areas, sometimes just the long line to check in, and other times you cannot enter the airport terminal.

They check your ticket.

“Woops, I do not have a ticket, it is on my computer, I did not print it, I am sorry, please let me enter.”

I can imagine trying to tell some stone-faced China Guard this; he already does not understand my English.

I know for sure the Philippines Airport in Manila almost has a line to enter the Terminal, what if I did not have a paper ticket.

The airplane people need to set some world standards, I know that many airlines require the printed copy of my E-ticket, which is not an E-ticket when I print it, it is a paper ticket, or something that gives them assurance I purchased a ticket.

I am not so worried about check in; I will not get past that Chinese Security Guard easy; they do give the blank face in a special way and manner.

I am lucky, I am a prepared person, I arrive at the airports the three or two hours as they tell me, I do not risk missing flights. I will and would have the time to raise a ruckus until the solved the problem. However, for many people who will not raise a ruckus, or just are terminally irresponsibly late, what will they do?

I do not carry a printer in my backpack, I am glad Peru has Internet Cafes, in the USA I would be S#$T out of luck, I guess I need to remember to not buy plane tickets in the USA. Which, I gave up a long time ago because Jeroen in Thailand can sell me cheaper, too strange for words.

Will People Miss Their Planes?