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Why I Like Wheels For a Backpack

2008-06-09 05:43:00

Why I Like Wheels For a Backpack
I buy a two-wheel luggage cart when I go to Europe, nothing in Europe is convenient or cheap, the worlds most expensive Continent.

I also need one for Africa, because I want to carry many books, nothing worst than being bored with nothing to do in a remote village with no electricity. For a real adventure, outside the Guidebook Path, off the Electrical Grid, I need to go heavy, I need equipment, I cannot go wimp, but I can buy a cart with wheels.

Going light is not a solution, it is not carrying what we need or want, because you are either weak, lazy, or too silly macho to use wheels, the simple invention that man has used for thousand of years, however many people are too macho to realize they makes sense.

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Sunday, June 8, 2008
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However, for the life of me, I cannot find a way to integrate two-wheels onto a bag that does not cause problems. I can make a bag that allows a cart I purchased in the Airport to be attached.

This more or less is one of them cart you can buy in the Airport for about 30 U.S. dollars or in Mall for about 20 U.S. Dollars.

I want to carry heavy items:

1. Books, I carry seven at all times, in Africa, I will carry 15, a person cannot be a tourist 24/7, and it just is not real life.

2. Cooking equipment, this saves me about half the cost of eating and allows me to eat healthy.

3. A liter of Alcohol for cooking, sometimes I carry the lighter electric hotplate.

4. Solar Charger, Batteries, BGAN Satellite Internet Access, 2 Motorcycle Batteries to go off the Electrical grid and live for two weeks. 10 Kilos just to have these toys.

5. Food, a bag or rice ways a pound, spaghetti is heavy.

6. It is also nice to have a can of shaving cream, a bottle of hair conditioner once in awhile; I do not like to always shave with a bar of soap. (I am not going to shave my head, this is not a solution, it is a denial.)

In Asia, South America, Central America, many places in Africa, I do not walk; I take a taxi for one to two Dollars. The most I walk with a backpack is about 200 meters, until I get back on the road to catch a taxi.

I have a policy,
“I try to buy gear I can replace on the road, anywhere in the world.”

Now, this is not a black or white policy, yes or no, on or off, 1 or 2, you have to be flexible, I do carry difficult to buy items. Good backpacks violate this policy; I cannot replace them anywhere in the world. However, I can purchase a two-wheel cart at about any airport on the planet.

I am thinking I will just adapt a bag I am desiging that will allow a person to securely attach almost any cart they purchase, however targeting the types sold in Airports, because I can replace in any country. I lost one in the Turkey Airport because I forgot it; I left it behind by accident because it was not attached properly.

The shorter the trip, the more people need large bags, and wheels; because they always buy about two bags of souvenirs, they are a slave to temptations. When I carry three bags for any reason, I lose in the game of security and brains.

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Why I Like Wheels For a Backpack

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