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Where are the Broad Bean Instructions

2008-06-28 16:45:00

Where are the Broad Bean Instructions
I like to eat a food called Broad Beans, however I never can decide, should I eat that shell or husk thing, or am I suppose to pluck the Broad Bean out and then eat.

Broad Beans are common all over the planet, except maybe in the highly developed countries for rare reasons.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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I need instructions with this food, am I suppose to eat with or without the husk thingy and will I die or just get horny?

Go figure, WIKI says,
“ Some also use fava beans as a natural alternative to drugs like Viagra.”

This quote needed a citation, maybe someone has money invested in Broad Beans or these Fava Beans.

This is a the packaging of some Broad Beans sold in the open all night, ready for Andy with Jet Lag 7-11 who needs something to eat or something to do. These cost 14 Baht or about 45 cents US, not the cheapest snack but not really processed, unless you mean salt. I can also buy these beans sold by the locals in plastic bags, probably about the same price but double the amount of beans.

There is normally two economies in a country, the very good deal of the local markets, or the packaged, marketing done for pro stores, processed, packaged and ready to make you feel safer if not silly. For sure food sold in the finer stores are guaranteed to be double the price, Foods sold in the best stores full of processed food that is not as healthy as street food.

I truly believe the world buys only packaging, I see all the best and worst restaurants full here in Thailand with people eating food that taste like white rice that sat in the crock pot too long, a.k.a Rice Cooker.

Mini-Skirt or Pants, Mini-Skirts or Pants... hmm, packaging sells.

Where are the Broad Bean Instructions