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When am I Ready to Leave

2008-06-02 06:28:00

When am I Ready to Leave
Time is not important, however sometimes I want to leave a city or country, I was ready to leave yesterday, and now realize I am not. I have not taken all the photos I wanted to take.

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Monday, June 2, 2008
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I was in Iquitos, Peru some seven years ago; I paid a person Wally to take some photos of Belen with his 35 MM camera. My camera at the time was not up to take the good photos. Well, this time I have a camera up to the job, so I will go and take some photos I hope today of this market.

I have traveled on the Amazon River from Manaus to Iquitos, seen a huge lake that moves, not really a highlight. As I traveled along the river I would look over at the houses on the side, wondering how the people lived. Well, the only place I have ever been near this river that allowed me to truly understand the people on the river is within minutes, 1.5 Solos of the Plaza de Armas in Iquitos, I believe 100 percent a true quirk of Anthropology. This is a place where I can walk around and see close up how people live on the Amazon River without annoying them greatly.

So when is it time to leave, when I have seen all I want to see, or when I have taken all the photos I wanted to see.

When am I Ready to Leave

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