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What is a Jungle

2008-06-04 08:03:00

What is a Jungle
There seems to be a few common aspects to a Jungle.

Water, lots of water!
Tropical or between 23.5 and 23.5 up and below the Equator.
Not easy to farm.
Size of Boats, canoe use means dense vegetation.
Required to walk with boots in the Jungle, so they sell boots.
People use canoes for transportation.
The vices disappear, Alcohol and Cigarettes are hard to find.
Pucallpa, Peru on Amazon River
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

The word jungle is thrown around, I tend to think of the Amazon Jungle as a big swamp, I tend to think of calling something a Jungle only when it is swamplands or marshlands.

However, when there is too much water, it no longer is jungle, the swamp become a river. The Amazon River is an interesting body of water, the farther from the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil, maybe the more it is a swamp, and the less it is a lake that moves.

There are water animals and there are land animals, land animals need dry land, so the Tigers, Cats, Deer, etc need dry land, they could live in a swamp, however as the water becomes too deep they disappear.

The size of the boat tells me a lot about the density of the Jungle. Big boats cannot go into the deep jungle, a canoe can go further into the jungle, or swamp, however to really explore it is combination of walking and canoes.

Isolated people are isolated because they use canoes and walk, the normal population gravitates towards areas where motorized boats can carry the beer to the city, the civilized world needs it vices, hence more people always moving to the city.

What is a Jungle