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Using Speed to Adjust to Jet Lag

2008-06-28 12:42:00

Using Speed to Adjust to Jet Lag
The solution to Jet Lag is to stay awake during normal hours and to sleep when it is time to sleep.

It is not easy to force yourself to sleep, however I found a simple type of speed, a drug, a stimulant to keep me awake.


Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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Some people have trouble taking Vitamins because they keep us awake; I am one of these people. I must take Vitamins in the morning or risk not sleeping in the evening.

Yesterday, I work up at the proper time, however at about 12 noon here in Thailand it was 12 Midnight in North and South America. My body was saying,
“It is midnight Andy, time to go to sleep.”

I looked at my Vitamins, thought why not, so I took two of the big multivitamins and I was able to stay awake until about 8 pm.

I do not fight Jet Lag much, I for sure do not lie in bed hoping or trying to force myself to sleep. I just try to stay awake during the times I am normally awake. This is between Five AM and Ten PM at night, so these are the hours whereby I should try to stay awake until the bodies clock is adjusted, It normally take about two weeks and is not a pleasant experience.

I guess in contrast a person should not drink alcohol or other depressants during these hours where they should stay awake. I do know many people just party their way through their Jet Lag not really aware of days or nights.

I have no idea why Vitamins keep me awake, however for sure they do.

Using Speed to Adjust to Jet Lag