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Uncontacted Tribes in Brazil Peru

2008-06-01 06:32:00

Uncontacted Tribes in Brazil Peru
I have written about uncontacted tribes a few times, this topic suddenly has clued it way into my consciousness again. Both my friend Gary and my Mother alluded about these tribes, funny that could only mean one things.

“They watched it on television.”

News is not news until is reported on Television.

However, I within a few arrow shots from the location of the story about uncontested tribes in Brazil and Peru, maybe I should boat or trek on over and see what is happening.

Prior Blog post on Uncontacted Tribes.
Uncontacted Tribes

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Saturday, May 31, 2008
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The Brazil Visa is the sticker; I suppose I need to go to Lima to get the Visa to Brazil, which I heard cost 100-150 U.S. Dollars. I think probably Rio Branco the city in Brazil is the strategic location to get closer to where the tribal areas become more obvious. In the end, I must study the maps, research and ponder until it gives up the best routes.

I do not wish to go and interrupt the tribes, I just want to step of the edge of civilization a few more steps than I have been before. The transition from civilized area to uncivilized or primitive tribes is not a jump, it is a continuum, a river that starts out civilized and ends up over the edge of the waterfalls in the tribal areas.

Cultures become more primitive as you travel farther from the larger cities. These tribes are close to impossible to contact, the cost, the time; the money needed is beyond the average person. University Professors and Anthropologist for the most part are not stereotypically the jungle survivalist. The combinations of travel skills needed to enter these areas and thrive are rare.

Location of these tribes on the news, there are many on the planet, some toward Borneo

A good articles explaining the big picture.,2933,360942,00.html

A little on the weak side, however offers some threads of knoweldge to pull on and follow.

Research Mine, however discontinued because of SEO conflicts search engines: Has a lot of clues to researching this topic.

Uncontacted Tribes in Brazil Peru