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Trees Grass and Drinking Water

2008-06-24 05:39:00

Trees Grass and Drinking Water
There are many trees in the USA, the world is green here, and they give me water free.
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
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Projects to grow trees, annoying as they were 10-20 years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana are coming to fruition, there are trees everywhere. In the mediums, between the sidewalk and he road, this city is an oasis of green, amazingly clean little city.

After the dust and concrete walls of Iquitos, Pucallpa, Cusco and Lima, the USA is a clean machine. Yes, outside the cities in the mountains in Peru it is green, however where the bulk of the people live is concrete walls. Never have understood why people or developers cut down all the trees to make a housing development. I truly enjoy some big trees, bushes, plants and landscaping that does not take me twenty years to appreciate.

This is a view from my seat as the plane was landing in Detroit, Michigan. There are trees for as far as you can see, and there are houses for as far as you can see, not the same as the rest of the planet.

I think about 20-30 years ago, for sure Lyndon Johnson wife was focused on cleaning up the USA; 20-30 years ago, the USA started to clean. The place is stupendously boringly clean, even Detroit the other day was nice as I took a 1.5 hour trip from the Airport to the Greyhound Station.

The USA is really at the cutting edge of clean, the quality of life is great, that does not mean the people appreciate it and enjoy life.

This is just a normal from the airplane view of Detroit, not the most beautiful city in the USA by a long shot, however even Detroit is covered in trees, the USA people have is nice, life is good. I wonder if this this splendor will be the downfall of the USA, the life is just too easy, no need to strive to survive.

I am happy to not worry about finding drinking water, or whether the water I am drinking is safe, amazing.

Trees Grass and Drinking Water