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Travel Haircut Tip

2008-06-09 16:31:00

Travel Haircut Tip
I despise getting my rather long hair cut in other countries, so I have developed a method of cutting it myself.

There are problems when you give yourself a haircut, besides not being able to find a mirror with a light that works in the minus one star hotels I live in…

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Monday, June 9, 2008
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When I get a haircut in Peru, I would look like a Peru boy, they really do not understand…

When I get a haircut in Philippines, I would look like a Philippines boy; they just are not on the same wavelength.

People have a country style, not easy to change a country.

I have been cutting my hair now for a couple of years; however, I have stopped giving myself big haircuts. Instead, I have my scissors packed in the shower bag; I have started giving myself little trim jobs ones per week or when I feel a need.

This stop the over-zealous, let us cut it off, keep trying until it looks semi-crazy haircuts I gave myself before.

Just choose a problem, and give it a nick, slowly over weeks the haircut starts to look better.

Travel Haircut Tip

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