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Travel Agents Versus Purchase Online

2008-06-13 12:37:00

Travel Agents Versus Purchase Online
I continually try to use Travel Agents, however, they just are not competing with buying tickets online.

1 in 20 Travel Agent actual gives advice, the rest just wants to take orders from naïve people, that means I need to visit 20 travel agents to find one with the lights on.
Cusco Peru, South America
Friday, June 13, 2008
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I went to a three Travel Agents here in Cusco, Peru; they all just gave me one price of 121 for the 25 to fly to Lima, Peru. I finally realized there was no thinking here, they just do as I say, they said,
“This is the cheapest ticket you can get.”

I went back home, got on StarPeru.com and purchased one online for 92 U.S. Dollars, what is the point in talking with them, there is not a brain attached.

I now suspect there is no such thing as an Air Consolidators Travel Agents, I think they airlines just dump on Travelocity.com and Kayak.com or other big sites.

WARNING --- I think they are also blocking some Airfare internet sites, I cannot get one Spiritair.com here, the Aero Condor site does not even allow me to choose Cusco to Lima, The other day I was on the internet inside and airport and they had Travelocity.com blocked.

What this means, when you come to a very popular travel destination city like Cusco, Peru, it may really be a TRAP, a complete gouge you Tourist Trap. I have notice many times that certain Airfare sites are being blocked.

Travel Agents Versus Purchase Online

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