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The Value of Being a Bum

2008-06-28 22:03:00

The Value of Being a Bum
I call myself a Hobo because I look for work, however the reality is people think of Hoboes as Bums. There is a lot of value in being a bum, nobody takes you serious.

I have time to sneak up on them and slap them silly.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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I am 100 percent free, there is ZERO reason for me to dress up, or act nice, behave, or even be polite. I do believe in manners, however I am not going to lose my job is I tell all of you to go F$#K yourselves.

It is humorous to read comments or listen to people that are required to dress up in these funny outfits with a scarf tied around their necks, sometimes called a tie. I think to myself, this is no way for adults to live, there is more to life than living and dressing to kiss ass.

I was reading about two people last year here in Thailand and another person who say they are retired. However, they are not retired from kissing ass or asking, they are obligated to the man, I find I am retired, not sure about them.

There is also this idea, if you came home Andy, I understand why they say this and do empathize that they cannot empathize. However, I do not live in the USA and although it is a good choice, when I make decision I have 252 country choices and many protectorates, islands and other words to choose from, I do not have any need to choose the USA first, only if it works easier. I make choices from the Global Pool of countries.

If I wanted to buy leather products, I would not go to the USA, they are way to lazy to work with leather, it take a lot of time and hands on work, not what the USA is good at.

I for sure have taken American women totally off the list of prospective girlfriends or companions; they just do not make the grade, way down the list, maybe not even in the top 50 percent.

The USA speaks good English and the telephone system works great, I can call up and order products easy, this is a great tool and an advantage for the USA. However, the USA is double in price than 80 percent of the developing countries and Europe is triple the price.

I like the under-developed countries, they have the same products at half the price, life is easy, people are not so busy, and the quality of life is better for me.

I realize I have been retired and traveling for the last 10 years, and time and money, and the word USA does not enter into my reasoning. I can fully devote myself to a project without worries about whether it is costing too much. I have the biggest luxury on the planet; I have the time to enjoy my life. I never say I am too busy, because I am never too busy, in fact I am always looking for something more to do.

I personally think the people in the USA and Europe are sort of nuts, they are like a bunch of Lab Rats running in maze until they fall over dead.

If you try to be a bum, nobody takes you serious; I can walk in and out of a Hotel with no problem. I do not dress up to try to achieve status, I do not care, I want good service for everyone in the Hotel, not just for me if I dressed up in a suit and looked stupid.

I have been considering cleaning up the site, paying a person to make it better eye candy, however then people would like how it looks and not pay attention to the content. I want the content of the words to carry the story, if a person needs sold on packaging they should leave, click away and read any of the 1000’s of pretty packages that have no content, this is not my way.

I was talking to a friend about Obama, he is smooth, I think too smooth, people that are too smooth make my bullshit meter go off, I do not trust him, and I depend on my instincts for daily safety. I personally do not want to listen to black and white issues for four years, I want to listen or read about USA issues, all I ever hear is Obama is Black, or the Black vote, who cares, they should have been voting all along, they should not come out and support the country only when their Black man is in the game.

Like I said, a person reads that title, “,” and think bum, this is a great asset, it is amazing how I can sneak in and steal their pie while they think they are smart, clever and looking good, to me they are looking like chumps.

The Value of Being a Bum