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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars Only One Bag Sir

2008-06-21 20:04:00 Only One Bag Sir
Not quite that polite, however there was a debate whether I would be allowed to check two bags.

What does a person do with an extra bag in the Airport?

Lima Peru, South America
Saturday, June 21, 2008
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I was baffled, this was a first time for this, my least favorite Airlines on the planet tagged me in London Stansted for 100 extra dollars, I paid 4 dollars for the ticket and miscellaneous cost 150 U.S., no deal to be had. Nonetheless I could pay my way through, this man at was saying only one bag, amazingly he allow the two.

However, this is the first time I heard this one bag rule, where did this come from, I just flew from Guatemala to Lima on without a problem and he same two dinky 30 liter bags by Kelty.

The man finally realized this was “Tonto” and passed the bags on through for the normal 40 U.S. for two bags. No Peru Soles the money of the country accepted, only U.S. Dollars.

I can feel eminent doom for many airlines; there may be half the number of airlines one year from now. As I understand, the airline I used to go to Cusco stopped service, amazing, I was in Areocondor and it must have stopped service the next day or so.

I am not fond of the idea of buying tickets in advance; I will stay with my seven days before I leave policy and even less if possible. I fear the whole world economy is dropping, not that the world has not been foolish for years. I am getting on the plane in an hour, I hope the do not file bankruptcy before I leave. Only One Bag Sir