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Peruvian Tribes Explained as Los Calatos

2008-06-11 06:32:00

Peruvian Tribes Explained as Los Calatos
In many discussions in Pucallpa about Isolated Tribe, 90 percent of the time in the Spanish language, the one identifier used consistently when explaining Isolated Tribes in the Ucayali headwater to the Amazon River area near Pucallpa was the word Los Calatos.

Los Calatos or those with no clothes.

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Friday, June 6, 2008
Blog of Andy HoboTraveler.com ---

I found it intriguing when you take off the politically correct, the many labels, and enter normal language between people what was the common way of explaining the less civilized people in this area of the world.

There is status that is connected to clothing, whether a tie, a suit, a King dressed like a King or a chief like a chief, the status of human development can be categorized by clothing, makeup, tattoos, hairstyle, according the cultural norms.

I enjoy dressing below what maybe could be my status; it allows me to suck out the truth from people who believe they are higher status, when they compare my clothing to theirs. Or in my mind often lower status. I feel the protection of status by clothing is a just a fa├žade for people who need to protect their self-esteem.

A truly funny game this need for status, which is the obsession of 90 percent of people.

Peruvian Tribes Explained as Los Calatos

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