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Obsessing on Windmill Backpack

2008-06-09 06:58:00

Obsessing on Windmill Backpack
I cannot go to the Yurua River because the river is too low, I have started to obsess again on the Windmill Backpack, me chasing the ideal, perfect, ultimate backpack design to make and manufacture.

I am going to Cuzco to try some ideas, I made one there before, and they have the minimum amount of materials needed.

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Monday, June 9, 2008
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I have two Kelty Bags, thanks to Chris and Marc and Taia bring them to me in Guatemala, they are good starter bags, the harness part is good. The guy on top of the bus unstrapped the harness to use to tie the bags now, not they are hanging loose waiting for a problem.

Me looking at the too stupid for words Kelty Backpack pockets, thinking to myself,
“What is the [email protected]#k fell out of the pockets?”
What is the point of a pocket zipping down, everything falls out when I open? Then the flat does not hold things inside the pocket. What do I do, climb a mountain and a carabine falls on the person below me?

I was changing Chicken buses in Los Encuetros, Guatemala, getting on a bus and the small boys not to gently throwing the Kelty Backpacks down and back up on the top of the buses..
“I do not have time for this stupid design stuff.”
The bag is not locked, too many pockets and toys, and bag is not carry on size, smaller, but not carryon, it will not fit above seats because to fat, and will not fit in the airport text box, what is the point. The Kelty Backpack is so close yet, so far…

Cusco or Cuzco has many textile type businesses in the city; this may be the best place on the planet to manufacture my bags. I am debating now between the USA, Guatemala, and Peru, the brains of Guatemala think expensive, or inflated USA prices, so tougher, the USA, is just too complicated in a way, no room for mistakes in cost of manufacturing.

I have to buy all the material and ship to a location, they do not exist in one location, and I do not fancy trying to explain to Chinese people how to sew, I still sort of think about the Philippines, it is possible.

In the end, Peru or the Philippines gives me the most to do while I am waiting for the bags to be completed.

I on the other hand think from a global help the world basis, the country of Peru needs some real products to produce.

I will try to buy a ticket today to Lima, hope to transfer, but probably not, and then to Cusco on Wednesday.

Please tell me what you love or hate about a Backpack.
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Obsessing on Windmill Backpack

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