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Not Really Uncontacted Tribes in Peru

2008-06-01 14:54:00

Not Really Uncontacted Tribes in Peru
I have been studying the maps available on the internet today, as I try to interpret the website of I am not sure the tribes here on their very small map are uncontacted or even undiscovered, more along the lines of extremely isolated.

I tend to believe released a very effective press release, believably sensationalized in an effort to stop Highway BR 364 from entering Peru, and to raise Donations.
NGO rule the world… hehehe, telling any story needed to support their cause and coffers.

This is a real area here though where the tribes are isolated, being on the other side of the Andes Mountains living rive floodplain.

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Sunday, June 1, 2008
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See on Google Maps

The red circles are where one group or a few tribes of people live. The stories I have read are permeated with misleading references or use of words. The word nomadic could be used with all the people on the Amazon as they have houses they move as the river moves, often making floating homes.

Hmm, I took a good photo of a house being moved on the river today in front of my room, I will try to show in next post.

Isolated tribes have no frame of reference to understand the outside the world clearly, whereby there are often superstitious and pure gossip can create hysteria in the groups. I speculate the owner of a helicopter or small plane could get photos of being shot at by arrows easily by low flying over the group. Truly not a nice thing to do to people who do not understand the world around themselves well.

I enjoy the primal behavior of humans, it helps me to understand the complicated motivated behavior of the developed societies, and I feel the simple motivations are the same, the overlay changes. A tribe member put color on his face to be recognized for his status, a man in the USA where a tie to be recognized for his status.

Not a leap of logic to see this is the same behavior.

This map shows the number of what I am presently interpreting as populated identified places, in the state of Ucayali of Peru.

Any way I do it, the only way to get closer to the truth is to go visit, I know I cannot trust an NGO or the Press, I would trust a Taxi driver more.

Not Really Uncontacted Tribes in Peru