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Map to Less Civilized Tribe

2008-06-05 07:14:00

Map to Less Civilized Tribe
I have been talking with a Guide by the name of Jose Silva Nube, however goes by the nickname “Chelo.” He has a good collection of maps drawn by him, and a few purchased of this area of the planet Earth.

He described a tribe called the “Ashaninka,” who he calls the “Menos Civilizados,” or the Less Civilized.

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Thursday, June 5, 2008
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This map shows the location in the Peru state of Ucayali where a group of indigenous called the “Ashaninka.” They use bow and arrow to hunt and he says paints their faces like the photos on Television recently.

What was a total surprise is the growing of Coca in many of the isolated regions of this state. This I think called "Cocaleros" makes it more difficult, even dangerous because they are suspicious of people visiting these areas. I have not heard of any comments about the existence of Coca Laboratories or Jungle making of Cocaine.

This is a photo of Chelo sitting in the Komby Hotel, explaining the maps he has, and many maps of the State of Ucayali on the walls inside the Hotel.

This is information on his tours, I have not went on one of his tours, however I am impressed with the drawing of maps, and his ability to on-the-fly explain all the names of the villages along the river. I am not sure if he speaks English, I have never tried to speak to him in English, I speak rather fluent Spanish, therefore not a big need, and I will test his English today.

Email of Chelo: (Remove spaces and fix.)
chelojo AT hotmail.com

Today were going to take a one-hour trip by boat to find some North American Missionaries that have a plane. They use the plane to fly to the village called Breu on the River Yurua. There is also some Swiss Missionaries, maybe Swedish, I need to clarify the word in Spanish.

This is one location where we could fly, there are a few options, and we are about 250 - 400 kilometers by plane from both the village of Breu and another father to the South called Esperanza.

Chelo said the first price to rent a plane was 5000 US to fly one-way to Breu, I think this number is nuts, this may be a Military airport in Breu, I do not fully understand the situation yet, I am hoping the Missionaries are there, and they are willing to explain more details.

I am not planning to fly to this region now, I would want to have a satellite internet system called BGAN with me, and be able to blog as I go, and publish photos. The cost is high, not sure I can afford this presently and dwelling on the issue. I will pay 120 soles or about 40 U.S. to Chelo today for the one day trip to the missionaries, I am sure could go myself, however his explanations are educational and this is what I am paying for, less for the guide, not on how to travel.

There is also man that is a Peruvian Missionary that may speak the language somewhat of the tribes on the Yurua River, and we may look for him to find help.

There are maybe many tribes in this area, Chelo has a map he will bring today that has the names of tribes, and there are other topographical maps in Lima to purchase. Every location we would need to find boats, probably dugout canoes to travel from location.

This is all fun stuff; it would be great to go and live in few villages and take a month to explore this area of the planet. It is best to not have any time restraints in this type of venture, taking my time to learn, listen and document correctly all the photos and information.

To properly study the tribes I must continuously type in the names, get Chelo to repeat, and then have collaboration by other people. I need or want to take every photo and label, continuously making explanation maps to do a good job. It would be great if an Anthropology department would step up and come along. On the other hand, I would need to interview them, making sure they are emotionally, mentally and physically capable, and then have some skills that would benefit the trip, whether writing, photography or an over-abundance of knowledge. I am not going to a dodgy part of the world with people not making the grade.

This is an expensive venture, could cost up to 10,000 U.S. Dollars to spend a month, whether one person of a group, the cost is about the same, I am not presently prepared to pay this much money, and like my Iraq trip, a person should not enter without enough money to guarantee no trivial dangerous shortcuts are taken.

I would think this fits my definition of Adventure Tourism, when it is possible to be killed, than it is an Adventure.

Map to Less Civilized Tribe

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