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Lima Peru Hostel Helps Me Live

2008-06-21 05:59:00

Lima Peru Hostel Helps Me Live
The Women that owns the Pretty House Hostel, more a Bed and Breakfast is an uncommon person to own a Hostel or Hostel, she actually is making my life wonderful, what a great value for the money.

Lima Peru, South America
Saturday, June 21, 2008
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This is told to me in small ways… There if free breakfast included in the price of the room, so I was happy, however she was ready to serve me Papaya Juice, I do not like Papaya Juice, therefore,
“She made Pineapple Juice.”

I ate a cheese sandwich for a couple of days, then she asked many questions on what I liked, she realized I would like an Egg Sandwich, and she asked,
"one or two eggs?"

I am so used to be ignored by the staff of hotels; it is wonderful experiences to have someone care if I exist.

I am paying 40 Soles per day, I for sure would say this is 4-5 star treatment, the room is perfect, quiet, WIFI Wireless Internet access. Plus I am in a regular neighborhood in Jesus Maria, what a nice place. For sure, this is not a party Hostel or Hotel, it is a family Hotel, but I have a kitchen to use for cooking, life is easy, I am able to live.

This may sound funny, however most hotels make buying easy and living difficult, they try to sell everything, and give my living nothing. This is the true luxury of living in a Hostel, it is I get to live. I have this great kitchen, the place is extreme, and I mean extremely clean, I am not sure I am in Peru, maybe I am in Switzerland.

People do not appreciate the concept of living, there is the idea that we need to have a restaurant, travel agency in a hotel, with a swimming pool and other non-normal living attractions. However, think about it, a really excellent hotel can give you a suite, with maybe a full apartment setup, this is why I like the hotel that have kitchens and living rooms, this is a shared house, this is a hostel, a shared house with a lot of friends, it is like living in the suite at the top of a Five Star Hotel with friends included.

This is nice, a middle class family in Lima, Peru, charging about 15 dollars for a room, it is unusual to get my moneys worth. No buyers remorse here in Lima, Peru at this Hotel or Hostel, this is 100 percent worth the enjoyment and relaxation of living in hotel, not just staying in a hotel.

I would send my Mother and Father to this place in a heartbeat, there are no exceptions here, this place is great. 25 Sole trip in Taxi from the Airport.

Lima Peru Hostel Helps Me Live