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Just Say No to USA Tourist

2008-06-15 17:09:00

Just Say No to USA Tourist
I should be thankful the price of plane tickets is doubling; I hope they triple or quadruple.

Cusco Peru, South America
Sunday, June 15, 2008
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I just had to listen to a University Professor from the USA dribble about what he knows of the world from CNN on TV. It makes me ashamed he is from the USA.

I will also be happy the Euro-Trash will be stopping traveling because of increased airfares. It was obvious in Thailand last Christmas that the Europeans have already slowed by 30 percent. I can only hope the prices go higher so less people travel.

I would like it to return to the times when only the strong and capable types went traveling.

I enjoy meeting people in countries like Peru, I do not like to meet my fellow American Citizen, they just are not the
“Right Stuff.”

I have been planning how to travel Africa by land, maybe a good 12-month trip across Africa will help me to appreciate the USA more, I know I cannot stand to listen to the USA or EuroTrash opinions on the world; I need to go where they are still afraid to go.


This is all I dream about these days, as far away from the USA weak willed dribble as I can get.

I will fly to Thailand, then figure out how to fly to Ghana, or maybe Togo, whereby I will go across Nigeria towards Kenya, then up toward Ethiopia. All the countries the USA do not even know where they are on the map.

Just Say No to USA Tourist