Jobs Abroad

Jobs Abroad
A person should be careful when choosing a Jobs Abroad; I have learned that Tourist Cities do not make good homes.

Cusco Peru, South America
Sunday, June 15, 2008
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I slowly understand myself and accept that I have a Job Abroad, and I work at this Job Abroad. I travel to a new city and live in the city for a short time working on my Jobs Abroad.

I now know the purely Tourist Cities are not good cities for living, I can recognize good cities for living or for having Jobs Abroad when there is a large number of Expats who live as a community.

I must have friends that do not continually leave as they do in Tourist cities like Cusco, Peru.

I think this is one reason why Manila, Philippines is nice; there are always many of my old friends to visit.

The desire for old friends that do not leave is important when a person has a Jobs Abroad. I do not like to admit it, but I do have a Job Abroad, and that is blog and making web pages, where I live abroad has to be thought about better.

I have a few long-term projects like this Windmill Backpack, and I need to take great care in where I decide to manufacture the bag. I do not want to work on my Job Abroad in a city I do not like; there is no reason to travel to a city you do not like and live.

Even though I may only live for 10 days to 90 days in the city, I must remember to choose cities I like, and for sure when it is an extreme tourist city remember they are not good choices for Jobs Abroad.

Jobs Abroad

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