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Jamaica Smuggler Backpack

2008-06-07 08:21:00

Jamaica Smuggler Backpack
I accidentally came upon one of the best backpack design I have ever seen in the Iquitos, Peru Airport. It is called the Jamaica Smuggler made by a company called

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Saturday, June 7, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

This is the Bag, called the Jamaica Smuggler, and sells for 190 U.S. online.

Mike a man from the USA had this bag, he said he was a scuba diver and this bag was good for him. I was impressed with two features, the Hasp Slider for the zipper that are easy to lock, plus all the zippers seem to be full size number 10, maybe 11, this is an excellent zipper system.

The bag opens like a book, or folds open, it is large enough to carry all the normal persons gear. The handle of the wheel cart was still the cheap stuff, however overall better than average. The wheels were heavy duty, and big enough maybe to pull through a mud puddle.

The backpack harness was ok, however for sure not comfortable for a mountain trip; this was a strictly road trip bag, trains, planes and buses, not a mountain bag.

People continuously mix up their needs, a traveler does not need a mountain bag, and a trekker or mountain climber does not need a travel bag, they are different types of needs. I recommend people buy a day bag to carry their computer inside, and use it for the weekend trips that can fit inside this big bag. I really can live out a small bag for a week, and I do not need this large of bag for a week or three-week strip, so stored inside would be better.

Again, I would like to thank all the wankers who buy the mountain climbing bags to travel, I appreciate you volunteering to robbed, and be the soft target so I am not noticed.

I have two Kelty 3100 nountain bags now by accidental need, and availability, they are a super problem, I am going to fly to Lima or Cusco soon, I hope to change all the zipper, cut off outside pockets and customize to something acceptable. I suppose it would be cheaper to just buy this bag and avoid the hassles.

Oh yes, the two handles, the one on top, and the one on the side are super heavy duty, a truly heavy duty bag.

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Jamaica Smuggler Backpack