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I Volunteered to be Cheated by Thailand Doctor

2008-06-30 18:02:00

I Volunteered to be Cheated by Thailand Doctor
The only way to learn how not to be cheated in Thailand is to be cheated. I asked how much the Doctor cost, the nurse says 300 Baht, and then she added 8200 Baht for Laboratory Test.

I paid about 700 Baht for the same test in Guatemala, so about 10 times more expensive here in Thailand.

I think I screwed up; I should have got all my medical work done in Guatemala.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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You never can trust a person from a country that think the USA people or Europeans are rich; they will not miss an opportunity to screw you.

The solution is this, and now I know, it is really and incredibly stupid on my part. And I say continuously and have learned this lesson 1000 time if not every minute of every day of my life while traveling. Ask how much before you buy or pay, I did not; therefore, I paid three times the cost.

The even more stupid part, I have a Thailand girlfriend that is a Pharmacist in a Hospital and I still was screwed by the Doctor. We have agreed, I will send her in to ask about prices, not together, we do this all the time on about anything, she goes in before me an ask the price while I walk around in the streets. Why is a Doctor any different from anyone else, they just want to screw people for more money.

The bottom line is this; people love to try to screw people they think are rich. I am always rich in these countries and they always try, I mean about 100 percent of the time, ok, maybe 99.

I did not ask before, I actually thought I could trust this nice Doctor; I truly do believe that the desire to cheat in the poorer countries is to the depths of their souls, many in the USA have just learned they cannot get away with it, and companies like Walmart put the you have to be stupid to buy stores out of business.

I have never understood greed, I do not think about taking money from people, I do not want to cheat people; I do not want people to pay too much for something. I on the other hand do know the majority of human flesh on the planet looks at this way,
“If I can make money and the person will pay, then why not?”

This is the attitude to me of Human Trash.

A person that expects more, or wants more than what is a fair days pay for a fairs day work using their skills is not my friend.

I one day hope there is an way to help people compare prices and shop around, there should be a list of prices for all the services provided by a Doctor listed to keep this profession in reality.

The solution, ask before you purchase, about anything in Thailand should be 10 times cheaper than the USA.

I truly am thinking if I needed an operation, I will return to the USA and pay for it, at least I know the Doctor is afraid of killing me and getting a huge malpractice suit. There is nothing to stop a Doctor from killing me with negligence here; there are no checks and balances.

There is a continuous sense of being cheated when traveling, it never ends, and there is always another person who wants to cheat me or charge extortion high prices.

I also know, I come from a Factory Worker Family, it is not my culture to argue with Doctors or Lawyers, I have to continually tell myself they are just crooks who get paid more, I should not respect them because they have more money than me, I know my brain is just as smart, if not ten times smarter than most Doctors and Lawyers, however my home culture impedes my willpower.

A person needs to know when they have trouble being strong, I have plenty of practice with Lawyers in the USA, I now have to remember to be strong and demand prices from Doctors.

I truly do not understand why people are so willing to take advantage when they have the opportunity.

A fool and his money are soon parted, I will continue to make foolish deals, however I will not be fooled again, this is why I say I volunteered, there are way to get great values in Thailand, however only after you learn the ropes.

If you think you can come to a poorer country and just buy off the shelf and get a great deal, then you are volunteering to be the next fool in line.

I Volunteered to be Cheated by Thailand Doctor

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