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Hotel Internet WIFI Idiot Management

2008-06-08 04:16:00

Hotel Internet WIFI Idiot Management
Woke up this morning, the Wireless WIFI Internet was not working; I walked downstairs to the Internet Room.

The idiot management touched it.

Do not touch what you do not understand…

Pucallpa, Peru on Ucayali -Amazon River
Sunday, June 8, 2008
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The night manager of this new hotel I moved into decided in his great wisdom to shut off the Electrical Cord that runs the Wireless Router. It is just like watching children in Hotels; I must continually monitor the staff of the Hotels with WIFI and hope they keep their stupid fingers off the Wireless Router.

I have decided that I need to take great care in choosing hotels with WIFI, I must have 24 access to the Wireless Router box or I am in default control of management lack of knowledge of Internet.

The basic idea of hotels is this,
“I do not need it, so why do you?”

I remember the American owner of a hotel in Panajachel by the name of Richard saying,
“You do not need to wake up at 4:00 am and use the Internet.”

I have tech who live in Goa, India, this is about 11:00 pm for him, I have a need to communicate on the same time, just another idiot hotel owner saying,
“I do not need it, so you do not need it.”

I turned on the Electricity here in Pucallpa, gave the man a stern look and told him not to shut off, just like children. It helps if you are an Alpha Male and know how to intimidate.

In the real world, outside the USA, the people give you what you expect from them, no more, no less, you must give commands, not request, this is not Kansas.

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Hotel Internet WIFI Idiot Management