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Hmm Is Lima Peru Safe

2008-06-20 10:19:00

Hmm Is Lima Peru Safe
I do not trust what I hear, I do not trust what I read, I for sure do not trust what I see on Television, and for sure, TV news is the most unreal reality of the world.
However, I tend to believe there is a reason for all this security in Lima, Peru.

Lima Peru, South America
Friday, June 20, 2008
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These four rows of electrical wire around the top of a fence surround the front of a day care center in Lima, Peru.

I think a loose translation is,
“Stop, we are living vigilant.”

Lima is improving, there are cars parked on the road, not inside a fortress at night, the people are nice, however, Lima, Peru has some problems as does most Latino Countries. I am in an upper middle class neighborhood, there are no tourist to rob therefore I believe safer.

Hmm Is Lima Peru Safe