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Good Peru Jungle Energy

2008-06-04 07:59:00

Good Peru Jungle Energy
I can feel my energy rising, as if the world gave me something fun to do, I have better reasons to wake in the morning. I am always ready to open my eyes in the morning; I find no pleasure in avoiding the day.

A jungle guide found me last night here in the Komby Hotel, and open the door to the homes of the people living in the Jungle.

Pulcallpa, Peru on Amazon River
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I was in Iquitos, Peru for a week, and never heard any noise from the jungle guides, I was not approached and only had a few people selling Canoe trips approach me, the first night here a man talks about villages in the jungle.

I am excited he is bringing some maps over today at 4:00 pm, whereby we can discuss the state of Isolated Tribes in this area of Amazon River or Peru.

Good Peru Jungle Energy