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Front Pack Backpack Observation

2008-06-11 13:38:00

Front Pack Backpack Observation
Fat people carry a lot of weight on the front of their body.

I have two Kelty 3100 Backpacks; soon to be modified I hope into something that works better for travel. I have been loading the one bag heavier than the other has; it has books, tools, cooking gear inside my blue plastic bucket that protects the bag and the contents.

If I carry the heavier bag on the front, it feels more comfortable.

Cusco Peru, South America
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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I believe ideally they would be balanced in weight, similar to a seesaw, counterbalancing of weight. The distribution of weight allows me to walk normally and not hunched over as I do when I have only one heavy bag.

I was thinking, I see may very large men who have bellies weighing more than my backpacks. If a normal 6 Foot, maybe 180-Centimeter man weighed 170, he would be more or less normal. If however this man weights 250, he is carrying the bulk of his extra weight on the front of his body, not on his back. The body is a machine I do not argue with, if it somehow feels that fat should be carried on the front of the body and who am I to disagree with a machine that makes a computer look simple.

If a 250-pound man subtracts 170 it equals 80 Pounds, the man carries this weight on the front in his belly, this is roughly the same amount of weight as both of my bags when I am fully loaded.

When, I am traveling by plane from location to location, as I have for the last couple of months, I must offload about 20-30 pounds to get under the 30-kilo check in weight allowed, sometimes less, sometime more.

One Kilos is 2.2 pounds, I more or less just take 80 pound and divide it by two to say I am carrying 40 Kilos in an on the fly guess-estimation.

Most of the world carries heavy items with a flat bamboo board with the weight hanging on balance, or for smaller loads on the top of their heads with is very balanced, and needs to be to walk.

Another observation or experience is that I have strained my back the most when slinging the backpack to hang on my back, the twisting motion can really exert a power strain on the back, I now almost never sling my bag, I just sit it on a table and step into the bag, not because I cannot twisting, sling it over my back, it just alleviate the possibility of straining my back and have pain for week because of un-needed method of loading my bag onto my back.

I would think a person should be able to pick up their bag about 10 times and put on their front or they may be too weak for weight they are carrying.

I suppose somewhere on the internet there is a table with ages, sizes, and body builds that would give a recommendation of how much weight a person should be able to carry.

Front Pack Backpack Observation

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