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Finding the Desire to Write

2008-06-20 07:10:00

Finding the Desire to Write
I read an blog post by Fred Wilson today, it helped me to learn about Bloggers, maybe wanna be writers.

I think he misses the point…
Where To Go For Inspiration?

Lima Peru, South America
Friday, June 20, 2008
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There is natural writing, there is inspired writing, and there are people who get paid to write. The people who write for money are more the drone writers, they write as agreed, like a kiss from your grandmother on the cheek, not a first kiss from the love of your life.

I think a person has to ask themselves,
“Am I boring myself?”
If the answer is yes, then what are you doing?

I know I bore readers of this blog, nonetheless, I am true to myself, I do not type information onto this computer that bores me, I would hate to have my worst critic be bored.

There is no need to write, it is a want.

I think writing for money is a recipe for failure, talking to yourself is honest.

Finding the Desire to Write