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Doing Good Work

2008-06-14 06:55:00

Doing Good Work
I cannot be bothered with people who do not strive to improve their skills.

I cannot be bothered with people who are perfectionist and never start or finish anything because they refuse to look stupid.

I strive for perfection, it is long tedious battle, I can never stop trying to improve, I never am able to just stop and say,
“the job is done.” The road to perfection never ends.

Cusco Peru, South America
Saturday, June 14, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Backpack Design Survey

I continuously try to find ways to beautify, clean, lay out, and make the and sites function better. I am not good at making pretty pages on the Internet, it is not what I do best, however the sites are a lot better than when I started 10 years ago.

I realized yesterday, I cannot be bothered with my Bag Maker here in Cusco, he just doe not strive to do a good job. He tries to placate me, make me happy, he will say many things, yet he never gets anything done. I like the man; however, he just is not responsible. However, what is worst he does not improve, he just stays the same.

It is very tiring to design this backpack; there are 906 variables I am trying to incorporate into the bag. How to give make a bag that is adaptable to the person. For example, one person want wheels, the other does not, can I make a bag that is both? Many people want a small bag, lightweight; however, there are times when a person needs a bigger bag.

I went to Nepal, entered into Tibet in November, the amount of clothing we purchased and needed to carry to keep warm added 30 percent more volume to my bag. To just tie all this stuff on the outside of a bag is not the best answer, however that is what we had to do more or less, there was no choice.

Well, to try to think through how to solve all these real life travel problems is a test of will, to not just accept solutions that do not work. I must dwell on problems, try solutions, test the bags, and then see what I can make up.

I do not accept a bag that does not work, therefore the reason I have made about 12 bags of different designs, try to find the proper combinations that optimize the bag.

I find the formula is this.

Backpack Formula

Design +
Person to sew the bag +
Raw Materials +
Equals a Bag

I believe I found the solutions to Raw Materials in the last few days, I can buy the top quality fabrics I need, I can buy the top quality clips, and other hardware I need. I have found my dream zipper hasp padlock slider and zippers, I can now buy them.

I feel I have 95 percent perfected a design; I will need to test the new design before I can remove the last 4-5 percent of problems.

I need a person to sew the bag. This is two levels; the first is to make three example bags, two for me to use, and one for me to keep as an example. I have decided this job must be done by me; I need to find a sewing machine and work on the bag myself. A person sewing can copy a bag; however, they cannot create a bag.

I am sad to think how many tailor types, how many people who sew just have a job, they do not have the desire to improve or do the best job, they just want to make something then get paid, no desire for the thrill of creating something special.

I have worked with so many people who continuously do bad work, I hope to one day find a solution to this problem, somewhere on the planet I will accidentally find a company or a few people who can do great quality work. It saddens me to know that the majority of people on the planet never have the thrill of doing great work; they always are happy to just do ok, to get their paycheck and go drink beer.

The people of the world do not need help; they get out of life exactly what they deserve, no more, no less.

Doing Good Work