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Cutting Up a Backpack

2008-06-27 19:51:00

Cutting Up a Backpack
I am ready to harvest body parts from my Kelty Backpack that should be used only for mountains, an excellent day pack for a trek; however, for the long-term traveler it is not up to speed, zero security.

I will cut off the backpack shoulder harness today of one of my two bags, burning my bridges, I will have no choice; but to make the final design for my Windmill Backpack a real bag.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Saturday, June 28, 2008
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I have all the parts strewn around my room, there are parts to make at least two great bags, the materials are incredibly expensive; they are the best possible materials I can purchase. I am having a little debate about the Spectra 500 Denier Fabric, sort of leaning back towards the 200 Denier Spectra; however, it comes in White, only white, because they cannot dye the material easy. has been my angel over my shoulder, I have tripled my ability to ask question and clarify, and I now just call up the vendors and drill them until they cough up the skinny.

I am excited, I am still trying to buy a sewing machine, there are four people with those peddle machines downstairs within one block parked on the sidewalk, I am sure they do not speak English.

I can see the bag in my mind, I have the shot, I will take it.

Cutting Up a Backpack