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Cusco to Lima Peru

2008-06-17 03:56:00

Cusco to Lima Peru
I fly with from Cusco, Peru to Lima, Peru today at 7:30, about a 92 dollar one-hour flight.

Cusco Peru, South America
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
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I already have a reservation for a 15-dollar room in a Hotel in Lima, that is suppose to have WIFI Wireless Internet - (Inalambrico) in my room.
WIFI Wireless Internet Hotel Lima Peru

I am leaving the Qorichaska WIFI Hotel in Cusco Peru that cost me 10 dollars per night in room 26.

Do not get hung up on the words Hostal, Hotel, Posada, Guesthouse, Hospedaje, etc, the words mean nothing to the overall living in the hotel, most hotels are less friendly the more you pay.

I am spending 30 to 50 percent more for rooms for my traveler budget now because of the business need of having WIFI or Internet in my room. This small service cost me this much money to find, I think in the next two years I will be able to go back to my under 10 dollar rate as Hotels are increasing supplying WIFI Wireless Internet Access.

I average about 10-15 per night for rooms, and 5 is easy if I did not use the Internet.

Cusco to Lima Peru