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Cusco Peru Weather

2008-06-12 04:36:00

Cusco Peru Weather
Cusco, Peru has a rating of four-wool blanket today, June 12, 2008; there are many reasons to stay in bed until the Tropical Sun cooks off the mountain cold. I think the weight of the blankets is cutting off my blood supply…

41 Degrees Fahrenheit about 5 Celsius, I am living in a brick Cave room. I wish I was a tourist so I could have delusionals and enjoy this cold as being some conquest of the mountain, unneeded hardship to endure, going primitive for no reasons.

3,300 Meter (10,800 Feet) above Sea Level.
13°30′30″S 71°58′20″W

Cold Four Blanket nights, and a sweatshirt day, with a few gringos walking around in Shorts looking silly.

Cusco Peru, South America
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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It is a humorous twist of marketing when somehow the world decides to pay to walk in mountains. Mountains are free, they are for the most part unwanted children, and nobody cares about them. After looking at a mountain for a few days, what do you do with it, you cannot farm it, it is more a less an obstruction in the path, I always say, people who live on mountains should walk until they are out of the mountains, use some common sense.

Cusco is a beautiful city, the market is great, and there are plenty of interesting corners to gaze upon.

I found it interesting the invasion of Massage Girls here in Cusco, I was offered 10 to 20 time a massage for 20-30 Soles, about 6-10 U.S. Dollars. This is about one days pay for a Peruvian person, so good money for the girls, if they do not have to give it all to the boss. I do not remember these girls in the last to trips to Cusco, Peru.

I have only entered the Tourist Area one times because it was in the way on my walk back home from interesting places.

I truly have problems with tourist dressed up in their tourist hiking uniforms; they are stereotypically identically dressed, very predictable bunch.

Cusco Peru Weather