Buying Backpack Parts from the USA

Buying Backpack Parts from the USA
I have 90 percent given up on buying any Backpack Parts or Fabrics from outside the USA. The quality and availability is horrible, there is a reason why Made in the USA sells, or even sold in the USA, you can trust the vendors.

Cusco Peru, South America
Friday, June 13, 2008
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The problem is not the materials, I think there are quality materials sold in most of these countries, the problem is the people. They have never done or seen a high quality work performed, therefore believe junk is very good.

It does not help that the majority of buyers of backpacks have no ability to judge a good backpack from a bad backpack. Tending to only buy many pockets, webbing, and toys. They will not wear the bag out in a three-month trip, or realize the problems.

This means backpack is made for looks, not to be used, so there is no demand for high quality materials, zippers or clips.

I have found the YKK Zipper in the USA, I have also found the Fabrics I need, and they could be delivered to my home. I could sit in the USA and make this back ten times better quality.

I am wondering if I should just sit on, call all the Vendors and have top quality materials sent to a location in the USA. I do know, if I had all the materials, sitting on top of these low quality and cheap workers, I would have a bag, because I would be the quality control.

Buying Backpack Parts from the USA

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