Budget Traveler

Budget Traveler
Runaway inflation, gouge me pricing, the world has placed landmines in my path, there is only one option.

Spend less, live cheaper, keep my feet on the ground more and less sitting in Airplanes, and travel slower.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Saturday, June 28, 2008
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I wish to invade either Africa or the South Pacific, the prices to fly and live in these locations is kicking. For the Budget Traveler, the person who doe not have unlimited money or a parent that just keeps giving, the time has come to pull in the reins and be careful. Slow movements are ok, rash, quick decisions and you may fly somewhere and not afford to return home as the price of Airlines Tickets increase so rapidly you either buy a two way ticket or just live in the next location.

Land Travel is always the best option for a Budget Traveler, a person who wants to stay in their imaginary Budget, I try to stay under 20 Dollars per day, and this is four times more than a few years ago. I am now trying to slice this down to 10 dollars per day; however, this internet is cutting my throat. I am not able to find a room for 5 dollars with an unlimited Wireless WIFI Internet Connection in my room. The best I can find is 12 dollars here on Khao San Road.

I have learned one big lesson, if you want WIFI in your room, you do not start to search when you arrive at the city, you must search from a high speed connection that is unlimited time prior to arrival, make a list of possible Hotels and find them upon arrival, it is almost too late when you arrive, it takes about five days to find the connections and by then, it is time to leave. More or less I have to hop from WIFI to WIFI connection, I cannot hope to find one upon arrival that is satisfactorily priced.

Budget Traveler