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Best Backpack Design and Quality

2008-06-30 18:53:00

Best Backpack Design and Quality
I have been obsessing on quality of design and workmanship of backpacks. I believe the more time I invest in Research and Development the better the Windmill Backpack can be. I am searching for smart people.

I am lucky; I see thousands of backpack from all over the planet, so I do get to see good design ideas.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
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I truly believe I see more backpack designs than about anybody on the planet. I see people from German, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, France, England, Australia, and the USA, I see about every country on the planets best of the best. I truly enjoy the Japanese and Korea Backpacks, they do think different.

I talked the other day with a lady in the USA on Skype.com, what impressed me is she was ready to leave work, yet she took great care to explain to me about here products. I learned more in minutes about backpack fabrics than I have learned in hours of talking with the man in Philippines who was helping and more or less gave up in the pursuit of quality.

The last few days I have been plowing away learning about something called Seam Tape. When there is a seam in a backpack, you can apply Seam Tape to the joint or seam. As best I understand, this tape is to reinforce the seam, stop water in some instances, and to create a stronger seam then just threads.

Zippers are probably the biggest problem with Backpack, when they break there is a problem. Clips, Buckles, Snaps and other plastic and metal hardware break constantly; to buy the best quality and to install on the bags properly is the solution. Then to have extras to replace when they are broken or fall off, there needs to be replacement parts. No buckle will survive being run over with by a car, but I can hope.

The seams of backpack should not split easy, the sewing cannot break, there needs to be enough thread to make the seam stronger than the fabric.

Ok, so I find a person that sews, that does not mean they know about Seam Tape, I know how they do it in Nepal, and for sure, that is inadequate for a great bag. I am thinking to myself, I need to find at least three people on this planet that are experts in sewing backpacks.

Time is an interesting aspect of designing something, patience is the related to time, without patience a person cannot do perfection work. I am extremely patient and take the time, yet I am very intolerant of poor work, I do not obsess on getting a design perfect the first time, therefore this is the reason I have made over 11 sample bags in my research to discover the best bag designs.

I want to put wheels on the bag, removable, and strong, able to withstand a lot of punishment, wide enough so the bag does not tip over, yet able to enter and leave rooms, or be pulled down the aisle of an airplane by a fat old woman.

I need a machine shop and some experts to do this work, I have never seen wheels on luggage that work, this aspect needs some invention to make sufficient.

I have a bundle of benefits list, which in the bundle of benefits is also the list of problems these benefits solve. There is a need to design a benefit that also does not annoy.

For example, I would like a pocket on the side of the bag to carry a water bottle, however in the airport this pocket needs to disappear so the bas is small enough to be a carryon if a person wishes. The problem is the size, yet there is a benefit to a side pocket.

I get on hundreds of Backpack sites; they continually talk about their trips and do not explain their backpack in specific details.

I have been surfing around trying to find a page that explains how to use seam tape, how to sew the tape on, do they glue it, or iron it on also, do they burn the edges of the fabric to seal, how man thread per inch, what patters of thread are used, it is truly a difficult task to find answers.

I guess my friend Gary is correct, I must accept I am too dumb to quit.

Best Backpack Design and Quality

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