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Backpack Ergonomics

2008-06-19 08:13:00

Backpack Ergonomics
Here is a drawing explaining various ways to distribute weight carried by Humans. I tend to believe one backpack is the worst method of carrying weight, whether a light load, or a heavy load.
Lima Peru, South America
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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This is a drawing I made, the world carries weight in many ways, and on top of the head is the most common method. I tend to believe the butt muscles are more equipped to lift, therefore weight on the front is a preference for me, however in the way of seeing the path in front sometimes. There is a problem with width when walking on and off a bus, airplane or train.

I am thinking there are a time when distributing the weight to the top of the head is better. There is a big problem with weight only on the hips as people are fat, people wear belts, the pants have belt loops, the hips are great suppport when very skinny, however not so easy as people get older. However the pants need to be the correct type to not cause pain.

Balance is needed in a design, or the proper distribution of weight.

Side Bags to distribute weight, a very good design.

Lowered Center of Weight Bags, NOTE: I see this as a bad idea, I think on top of the head or high is easier to manage.


Inventor or Shock Absorber Bag that Generates Electricity.
Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1981

Backpack with springs that Generates Electricity

Second Generation Ergonomic Backpack

Lighten the Load Backpack

Rubber Bands

The way the world carries weight:

Young girl carrying on top of head in Africa.

A molded piece of wood or bamboo is used in Asia.

This one distributes the weight on the chest and back, there is a special strap you can purchase in Guatemala for the head, which goes across the forehead.

The weight here of this goat is on the chest of a boy in Africa, whether on the front or on the back the weight is not balanced.

Mad Mick in Iquitos, Peru carrying an Anaconda wrapped around his neck, this show the idea of how wrapping the weight around your whole body is wise.

I took all these photos as I traveled the planet earth, it is clear to me that what is natural makes more sense, on top of the head would be my preferred method. Porters will often in Tibet or Nepal carry three packs; it seems that there is a need for fashion that precludes logic.

Trust me, you carry a backpack around for ten years and you start to think, there may be some better ways to do this job. I live with my backpack, it is my home, it is all the possessions in my world. I truly use my bag, this is not a game, this is my home on the road.

Backpack Ergonomics