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Arrival in Pucallpa Peru

Arrival in Pucallpa Peru
My Aero Condor flight for 109 U.S. Dollars arrived in Pucallpa, Peru without a problem. The city is a city, the smell of lumber attracted my attention, however the noise level competes with Iquitos for the worst on the planet.
Pulcallpa, Peru on Amazon River
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
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I am in the Hotel Komby, a good location, 30 Soles or about 10 US per night with a private bath and cable Television. This is the first time in many weeks whereby, I do not have Wireless Internet or WIFI in my room, it feels good off the wire.

My plans is to find the Port and walk around asking many questions on how to go East towards Brazil.

Arrival in Pucallpa Peru