A Shortage of Farang

A Shortage of Farang
I think there is a shortage of Farang in Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, June 26, 2008
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Farang is the Thai word for Foreigner, maybe stranger, maybe big noses or something like that, it is not really a compliment, but is not a big insult either. It is the default name of the foreigners while they talk about us as we stand right in front of them.

Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand was slow at Christmas time and now it almost seems like a Ghost City. There are still enough Foreigners to say there are people here, however in my long time association with Thailand this feels empty.

I believe there is about a one-year delay in tourism on the planet, I feel and hope the next few years become lean, fewer tourists, less nonchalant travel plans exist. I truly do not feel tourism is the best thing to happen to a country, the tourist come and change the country and almost never for the better.

For me there is not a shortage of Farang, there is still too many, I do not care if tourist know about the world, or the culture, or whether they are rich or poor. However, tourism is not exporting the good of countries, the good people stay home, they do not travel; they are exporting the lost souls and all their deviant behaviors. I do not fit in Bangkok, I do not have tattoos, I do not have piercing all over my skin, I do not have dreads, however the real kicker is I do not care to have any of the new trends, or even be bothered to listen. I just plan on being me, today, tomorrow and the next.

My friend Jeroen the travel agent here in Bangkok sometime says,
“You have on normal clothes.”
“You just came from South America; you should be dressed like South America.”

I say,
“I am dressed like Andy.”

We know and understand; the people are defined by their surrounding more than they are self-defined. A person can change 30 years of lifestyle and belief systems in less than one month in India, and remain stupid forever, you can see it in their clothing, they become a new person because in reality they never was anybody, they are defined by the mass trends and fashion of groups.

There is a shortage of Foreigners roaming the planet; I do hope this give people a wake up call to try introspection for a change.

A Shortage of Farang