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2008 June 26 Enter Thailand Leave USA

2008 June 26 Enter Thailand Leave USA
A very long and drawn out trip has brought me to Bangkok.

Fort Wayne to Chicago
Chicago to San Francisco
San Francisco to Narita, Japan
Narita, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand

My bag made it at the same time as my body, the USA I is not good at transferring bags from plane to plane I was grateful.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, June 26, 2008
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My bag was opened by the customs or airlines people, they were not able to stuff the items bag in the bag so they put this have plastic tape over the gaping hole because the zipper was not closed. I am going to rethink my strategy on packing, the packs are too tight to open by anyone but me, they just will not repack correctly, and this is a security risk.

I wish the would leave a message on bag, I truly do not know who opened my bags, although the zippers of the Kelty bags I have do not stay shut good, so who knows, maybe the baggage people opened the bags.

I hope nothing is missing.

2008 June 26 Enter Thailand Leave USA