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Wireless Internet Password Antigua Guatemala

2008-05-05 05:38:00

Wireless Internet Password Antigua Guatemala
I despise passwords on Wireless Internet Access Routers in Hotels; I understand there are times when needed, however this is not one of them.

I waited for 2 hours for the Posada Don Quixote the Hotel in Antigua Guatemala to call the techie and figure it out. He did not know the password, we finally used three different, and on the third, it worked. This only took two hours and not two days because I hollered a few words like tonto, pendejo, and estupido, and never left the desk until they understood I did not understand no.

My mistake was trusting that it would work, I rented the room, paid and went to my room. I need to test every time. I used it before, how could they screw it up in two week, well they did, while following my advice. Relocate to this area, five more room would work.

I add all password and configs to this page, whereby I have and the serious types can really get the job done.
Mobile Office

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, May 5, 2008
Andy of ---

I wrote the password down, handed it to one reception guy, and they filed it away whereby they will never find it again. If I would have had a black felt marker in my hand it would have been written on the wall.

This building is the typical concrete cave, the prior location of the WIFI internet was inside a concrete room, that only allowed one room had a 4 bar connection. They moved the router now to a better location that gave the one side of the hotel access, maybe five rooms now. In the great wisdom and utter stupidity they added a password, did not tell the management, the management does not use WIFI, whereby having a great cluster F38K.

Now, the connection is great in the room, however I moved out because it is now to hot as the whether got hotter, and moved over to the Shalom with Wade and Mira, Chris arrived and we had a long day of too much talk.
Hotel Casa Shalom

The Shalom has WIFI, they knew the Password to the router, and the system has an equally bad set up, however the traveler conversation is about 10 times better. Oops, I think I did not log in the password for future use; I will need to publish this one also to may mobile office page.
Mobile Office

I cannot get WIFI to over 20 feet from the router, refuses to go through concrete walls, and the world keep making it more complicated not simpler.

My brain is big, quick, works like a Lamborghini shifting into warp speed. I have many techie friends; they do not blog very often because they find it too onerous. I wish to help the world earn money using the internet and blogging, the first step is to get them an internet connection that works.

I truly believe Starbucks is not a place to work on Web pages and do believe working in my Hotel room is a good idea.

I remember in College the ones who studied with the Music at full volume, smoking a joint, the rather clueless.

It is not saying you cannot, I am saying most people are not that brilliant. I can work in Starbucks, I can work in Chaos, and I can study smoking a joint with the music at full volume. However, to be effective, it was much better to go to the Library and hide in the stacks than be interrupted by my druggie and drunk friends in the dorm.

Same here, to be effective, the hotel has to give what they say, easy to use, helpful connections, and a person who really wants to work and live on the road has to go work.

WIFI is now maybe in 1 of 500 hotels or less on the planet, these two in Antigua are in the top of the bunch, the ones without WIFI are the problems. However, no time to let down, time to get these boys online and working correctly.

I still am waiting; I want to see a complete instruction sheet given to me when I enter a hotel on how to use the wireless. I know them reception people do not know how to use it.

I am not good at being an angry person, however I went into a great acting job in the Hotel, I want them to never forget me pushing them, calling them names, and I want them to never want to experience that again. Therefore, when a little old lady from Pasadena want to call her grandchild on in the USA that is in the Hospital, what is suppose to be easy, it easy. If life was really that complicated for me, it is easy for me, I can blog from anywhere, and do.

Wireless Internet Password Antigua Guatemala