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Who is a Professional Photographer

2008-05-30 16:19:00

Who is a Professional Photographer
I used to think people with huge camera were professional photographers. Now I realize there is no connection between a large camera and being a professional, or even having a clue. I then went to the next level of trying to define and talk to Pros.

Who is a Pro?

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Friday, May 30, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Second level of trying to figure this out, I just asked,
“Are you a professional photographer?

I do not ask, are you a Photographer, they all say yes. The problem with asking if they are Pro is the same, they also say yes. Therefore, the second level asking of questions does not mean anything. Photographers seem to be natural born liars, so onto my third level of learning to figure out who is a professional.

I looked over to this photographer; he had two cameras in front of him, two bigger ones, not the small toys, but the ones with interchangeable lens. I suspect he is a Professional, he also is wearing the uniform that give it away to everyone, the hunting vest thingy, something genetic about wanting to wear uniforms. I suspect he likes to be thought of a Photographer, I personally like to sneak up on my game and not tell them I am shooting them, or in that fact, to even care…

I forget his name, I am sorry, however, I again went back down to second level question, he said, “I am professional Photographer.”

I proceeded to ask,
“Magazine, Newspaper?”

He said
“New York Times.”

Ok, paydirt, maybe I found one who is in the game, a real player and more than average knowledge of Photography.

Hehehe, I want to ask some questions, which continually bother me.

1. How to deal with condensation on lens after leaving an air-conditioned room and entering the hot humid air?

2. How to package and keep batteries ready and charge, ready to put in the camera?

3. How he uses two boxes?

He fielded the questions well, the best so far, he answered them quickly and understood the serious nature of why. I did my best to hide in plain sight, to not allow him to do more than underestimate me, better to keep the game feeling the upper hand, if you want to get the open comments and shoot the game… or win this funny game.

Iquitos is at the edge of the planet, the world comes here to stare over he edge and look out into the abyss.
a.k.a Also Known As…
sitting in bars and talking, sometimes stepping down off the edge and climbing back on to the edge.

A great place if you want to use the word explore, maybe sometimes adventure, and for sure a great place to go fishing. Fishermen and Photographers, natural born liars.

Note, I do not call myself a Photographer, I am not obsessive about Cameras, it is a tool of explanations, I enjoy the angles though, the perceptions, the ability to see.

Who is a Professional Photographer