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USA Can Handles Obama or Hillary

2008-05-06 18:38:00

USA Can Handles Obama or Hillary
In a world, continuously teaching doomsday and crisis, there is one thing I am 100 percent positive, The USA is grand enough, magnanimous enough, and the country is ready for Obama, or Hillary to be President, the most powerful person on the planet.

We can handle it, survive it, and even thrive as a nation, even if it was the worst possible event in the history of our country. We will survive, we are Americans.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Andy of ---

During World War II, we carried on the WORLD War on the whole planet and prevailed, this mosquito size war in Iraq is nothing.

I feel a shame when I feel real anger in people over Obama, as if somehow a Black President would destroy the country. It is not possible, a Black President is just a different Channel, the People of the USA run the country, he has to know he report to the people, not the black people, not to the white people, but to the USA people. This white or black people... this is too childish.

I fear both Obama or Hillary, I do think the power has gone to their heads, they want to be ruler of the planet so bad, they would sell out the Iraqi people, the world, and the right thing, this is the problem, yet, this is what politicians do, the suck up to win. I do know that both can lose their job is they abuse the power, hell; President Bill Clinton almost lost his Presidency for having a girl friend and lying.

In the rest of the world rulers of countries rape their countries and do not lose their job, our President almost lost his jobs for lying. This explains the USA so well...

I continually say, if President Bush lied, he would have lost his Job; Clinton lied over his ugly fat girlfriend and was close to being impeached.

There is no crisis on this planet, except for the lack of good judgment that exists because of the Fourth Estate.

I think we should put the worst Candidate in office, nothing will change, and the USA will just continue to be a stable Republic.

I feel glad for Obama, this man is the biggest man in the Hood, they will never have a good excuse to use the Race Card again. I want this card removed from the deck, they really have no right to complain, the blacks of the USA have a great life, and Obama is proving it.

I think we should elect Obama, maybe the worst possible leader for the USA, but will for sure show the rest of the World that President Bush was in President during a difficult time.

USA Can Handles Obama or Hillary