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Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management

2008-05-13 05:56:00

Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management
This is a travel tip video explaining how to make a Mini-Roll of Toilet Paper to carry in your pocket while traveling. You can remove the cardboard core out of the larger roll, then next showing how to remove the inner section of toilet paper so, you have a mini-roll.

Why are people so arrogant they think these travel tips do not apply to them?

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, May 12, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

My friend Chris was packing down in his bag a roll of toilet paper, I thought to myself, this is recipe for embarrassment disaster. He is experiencing a three day, adjust to another country case of diarrhea, nothing new, just an adjustment phase of the body, I think about 80 percent of travelers or tourist experience this type of diarrhea.

Take a 7-day trip to Guatemala; donate three days to the toilet, then bus trips become an obstacle course.

I should have allowed him to get on a bus with a roll of toilet paper packed five minutes away from use, or on top of the bus stored. I am truly wondering if anybody avoids this terrible experience by reading my travel tips and learning, or do they just read tips, hints for some way of feeling stupid later.

I think everyone thinks I joke or something, this is annoying stupid, I give some of the best, real, actually needed travel tips on the planet, then a friend of mine comes that has read close to every one of them and does not use them…

What do you too rich to use your brain people think, stop associating the word hobo with a tramp or something you are not? I for sure think you are pig, too stupid for a conversation if you cannot separate needs from just reading. You need to grow up, think, and use your head and stop thinking like children, I refuse care if you cannot learn about your body, your life, your mind, and how you think.

If you are not a Hobo, stop reading this page, the blog, if you cannot realize everyone has the same needs, whether being abused by a five star hotel, or by a minus two star hotel. We are the same, you are not special, and for sure, you deserve to be criticized for not using your brains.

IF you got in email box, MOM... go to this link and read online:
Blog of Andy

Why are people so arrogant they think these travel tips do not apply to them?

Travel Tip on Toilet Paper Management

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