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Too Busy to Make Money

2008-05-24 04:39:00

Too Busy to Make Money
I wrote a satirical blog post saying I was retired, because when I compare myself to retired people, I discovered I work less. Guatemala and Mexico the last two countries I have visited have maybe a 50 percent higher proportion of Americans than other countries on the planet for tourist.

I think they are too busy to make money; this may be an American affliction. It is the American motto,
"I am too busy,"
It defines the nation.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

If I was not being annoyed, and trying to figure out a way to step out the back door when I meet these people, I would make sport by counting howmany times they say,
“I am too busy.”

I think it should be the new motto of the USA, not the Land of the Free, it the land of the too busy.

I made a few calls to some Internet Hosting companies using and I could feel the tension in the sales peoples voice saying,
“Hurry up, I am too busy.”
I am very annoyed, there is no way a person that is not already doing this Hosting could ever know about Load Balancing, Squid, Apache and all this information enough to speak clear and explain what I want, I need help, not belittled because I do not already know what I want.

I want some support, I do not want a headache, I want to enjoy life and take it easy, this epidemic of,
“I am too busy,”
the national motto of the USA, or the,
“can you call me back later,”

I continually interview other traveler to discover if they are crazy busy in the brain. I want to know if they are agitated easy, have to run, are talking nonsense, and worst of all, not listening to anything.

I was trying to explain a simple marketing idea, how to advertise a business here in Panajachel, I really like the guy, so I repeated it about 10 times, this mean I had to choose ten separate ways of explaining the same concept. I thought to myself,
“Your brain is too busy to make money.”

The USA people are bragging about how busy they are.

The world as a whole does very little, for the most part they sit around talking to their friend all day, have little money, have little ambition and truly get the life they deserve, as does the Americans.

I have this theory about endorphin addictions, this chemical that the body secretes when excited. It is a euphoric feeling you have just after an exciting moment, such as a roller coaster ride. I see most Americans as on the roller coaster from hell, that never stops, never ends, the twilight zone.

Too Busy to Make Money