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Tighten the Belt of get the Noose

2008-05-11 10:08:00

Tighten the Belt of get the Noose
I am praying for 10 U.S. Per Gallon gas, I am worried about the USA economy. It is obvious the American culture has no restraint, just a bunch of wimps, crying over everything.

40 Year Mortgages…. Geez, too silly
(I cannot believe this is not illegal.)

I want the economy to tighten up and fly straight before there is a noose around their necks.
If the USA has problems, then travel will get cheaper for me… hehe

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Sunday, May 11, 2008
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Do not get it wrong, if the USA has a noose, then Europe will be dead, however most of the underdeveloped countries will not be a phased as much.

I see the rising price of gas a great blessing, finally getting the USA people to grow up, life is just too easy in the USA. My life is too easy, however, I know dreadful things can happen to a good person.

I almost have trouble talking to Americans, they feel like children, the Europeans feel like 12 year olds, they really do have the dream life, the American dream, they are delusion how rich they are, and that nothing bad can happen to them.

I believe the inherent optimism is too high, they believe tough times is paying 4 dollar for gas, wait until they lose a job and have unemployment at 10-20 percent like France or Germany.

What is the cycles, recessions every 12-14 and depressions every 60-80?

I am positive Obana, Clinton or McCane are powerless, yet 10 dollar gas is not.

Tighten the Belt of get the Noose