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The Power of Words

2008-05-10 06:24:00

The Power of Words
As life walks along the path, I keep having this reoccurring desire to hide or even run from people. I am not afraid of people, I am afraid of myself, continually needing to throttle some low level rage.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Saturday, May 10, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

All my life I have stopped myself from talking, people that know me would see this as crazy, there is nobody that talks more than me. However, I often wish I could explain to them how slowly we are talking and how simple.

I cannot talk with bad or ugly people because I tend to take the restraints off and start going for the juggler.

The happy indigenous people here in Guatemala, or in Africa helps me to relax, they do not have agendas, they do not try to manipulate, they do not have more than just the normal primal desires of life.

The power of the words that enter my world, and the power of the words that leave my mind are annoying. This blog is a temptation to talk, to explain, to think aloud, this is not good. It is incredibly easy to anger another person, this is power, it is incredibly difficult to move a person to care, think, and try to do the right thing. I try to stop the words I say from becoming twisted, to be used, to be abused, and to give power to weak people who want to live a selfish life, not a helpful life. It takes incredible power to stop the twist of words.

I watch that Reverent friend of Obama on TV, thinking to myself, this person is intoxicated in words; the power of talking to other has corrupted his soul. There is a temptation to feel satisfaction or even arrogance when writing, like writing, talking to yourself validates and empowers, it is a ridiculous process. There is not truth in statements, just because I wrote it.

I love to talk about ideas, like a good backpack, what is a good backpack, or how to make a solar stove. The more complicated feeling of what motivates people, why people do bag things, and what is the benefit they seek. If the person who is listening replies, adds ideas to the ideas, the two of us created a little clearer world. Sadly, 90 percent of replies, or ideas are not for clarification, they are just to try to twist the world. I am amiss to figure out this desire to twist the words of others, to not try to find the message in any confused or clear statement. I enjoy seeking the bottom line ideas of life, the one lines that allow me to be happy, such as,
“Be a good boy.”

There is a reward when I find the proper path, explained in words; however, there are people along the path who want to lead me or us off the good path into the darkness.

I guess the desire to hide, escape, to not listen to people off the path in the darkness is normal, however I wish some days I felt there were more people in my life who just wanted to enjoy the day, on a good path.

This all sounds like some preacher wailing away about good and bad, however I feel more the desire to close the door on confusions explained, spoken, and endured. My goal is clarity, I truly feel sad when so many people around me have no desire to explain something clear, and they desire the power of confusion.

Confusion is really the devils only friend, and bringing things into the light is heaven. Simple thoughts, clear ideas, a nice day, the reward for living a good life, and being a good boy.

It is 6:16 am here in Panajachel; a person outside the Hotel exploded some firecrackers. The world in becoming increasing empowered to perform the same action with words. To use words to cause everyone to listen, I am not sure who will stop these people with firecrackers. I know most of the good people just go and hide, it is easier than fighting the mobs who wish to explode firecracker of words for no reason.

What is a blog, but a way to give voice to somebody like me who maybe should not write or talk?

The Power of Words